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Everything You Need To Know About Chewing

Everything You Need To Know About Chewing

Everything you need to know about chewing.

We’ve got the best blogs about chewing and put them all together in one place! Check them out below 👇

Why Do People Need To Chew?

If you’re a chewer or your child chews you might have wondered why? Perhaps you’ve tried to stop chewing, but it didn’t work? Chewing is a very important self regulating method and here you can read why.

10 Reasons Chewing Helps

Chewing has so many benefits and can help you cope with many sensory challenges. We’ve put together 10 reasons why chewing actually helps here!

Everything You Need To Know About Chewing

Which Is The Best Type Of Chewelry?

It can be hard to know which chewelry will be the best for you. We have looked at several different brands to help you decide. Read more here.

Generic Chew V Chewigem

If you’re not sure what the difference is between a generic chew and our amazing Chewigem products you can find that our here.

Everything You Need To Know About Chewing.

Different Types Of Chewers

When looking at buying a Chewigem it is important to understand that their are different types of chewers. Here you can learn all about them.

Everything You Need To Know About Chewing

So You Think You’re An Aggressive Chewer

Lots of our customers have tried other brands before us and have chewed through those brands. This makes them think that they must be an aggressive chewer. This is not always the case and here you can find out why.

But What If You Want To Chew Bits Off Your Chew?

Some people actually need to chew pieces off their chew and giving them a chew they can’t destroy just won’t work! Find out why here.

Chewigems Unique Finishes

Most chewable brands are made from of the same materials with the same finish. Chewigem is the only brand that has 3 different unique finishes! Learn more here.

Fabric Chewing Facts

Chewing fabric is quite a common stim but if you are a fabric chewer it’s important to know the facts to make sure you’re chewing safely. Check them out here.

5 Chewing Myths

In our line of business we hear lots of chewing myths and we thought it was about time we busted some of them! Read them all here.

Everything You Need To Know About Chewing

When it comes to chewing we are the experts. We’ve been helping people find the right chew products for over 12 years now. So if you need help and support with chewing please reach out to us for help … it’s what we do!

Everything You Need To Know About Chewing

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