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Gemious Ltd, The Workshop, Rosemill, Bridgefoot, DD3 0PW

We love to chat. Got questions ? Get in touch!

Technology has improved so much, that expectations now seem to be enquiries will be actioned in a matter of minutes.

Our team are real people, with loved ones, husbands, partners, children and others in their life. So if you contact Sensooli and don’t get a response at lightning speed remember we are real people.

As a rule of thumb, there is always someone on hand Monday to Friday (except public holidays) during school hours and many of us chose to work a little in the evening too.

Our customers and enquiries are always the most important thing to us, so you will rarely have to wait long for a response, but if you contact Sensooli outside the working day, please be aware we may not respond until the next working day.

Remember when life was like that? It was a lot calmer for all!

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