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Can Chewigems Help Keep Your Teeth Clean?

We often get asked how Chewigems can affect your teeth.

Will chewing damage your teeth?

Can chewing help to keep your teeth clean?

Will Chewigems Damage Your Teeth?

Let’s think about this another way … will the things you chewed before you found us damage your teeth?

Lots of our customers chew things like batteries, metal, charging cables and drinking bottles. Not only can these things damage your teeth but they are also dangerous.

Chewigems however, are made from silicone which is approved and suitable for baby teethers. It is a food-safe, medical-grade silicone and is free from harmful chemical properties such as PVC, Lead, BPA, Latex & Phthalate. We have even secured the CE mark against the required Toy standards for our bangles and toys. Plus we have also carried out toxicity and bite tests on our products.

Silicone is also hypoallergenic and will not harbour bacteria

Can Chewigems Help Keep Your Teeth Clean?

Whilst I don’t want to liken humans to dogs teeth are teeth! You can try and brush a dog’s teeth … but most of them won’t like it. This can be the same with some humans too!

Some silicone dog toys actually remove plaque, massage the gums, and promote better overall oral hygiene.

Can Chewigems Help Keep Your Teeth Clean?

Chewigems can promote better overall oral hygiene and remove plaque. We have been told this by numerous parents and by 2 dentists! I mean 2 dentists might not sound like a lot.  But we don’t speak to dentists very often so for two of them to tell us our products have helped their autistic sensory avoiding patients to remove plaque by chewing is amazing!

I suppose it makes sense, you can buy silicone

Super Easy To Keep Clean

Chewgem’s are super easy to keep clean too. You can sterilise them, wash them in soapy water or pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher. Plus you can keep them clean when you are out and about much the same as washing your hands!

Silicone does not harbour bacteria either.

Can Chewigems Help Keep Your Teeth Clean?

So in summary, Chewigems help you to regulate your senses and they promote better oral health.

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