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Generic Chew V Chewigem

Generic Chew V Chewigem

Generic Chew V Chewigem. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a generic chew and a Chewigem? Well here is the answer!

Non Toxic Silicone

Most chews are made from non-toxic medical-grade silicone, although some are made from different materials. With a Chewigem you are getting so much more than a product because you are getting our ongoing expertise, help, and advice.

Multiple Finishes

Not only are Chewigems made from non-toxic medical-grade silicone but our products come in different shapes, sizes, and textures. They also come in different finishes which means you can find a chew with the feedback you want! We have some products with a gloss finish, some with a matt finish, and some with a silky smooth finish … you don’t get that anywhere else!

Neurodivergent Business

Chewigem was co-founded by Jenny & Loz in 2010 when Loz’s eldest child was in need of chewing aids and there was nothing suitable on the market. Jenny is self-diagnosed ADHD and Loz is diagnosed Autistic & ADHD (amongst other things). They’ve been helping chewers in the ND community for over 12 years now and they have tons of experience both personally and from helping others.

Safety Testing & Trademarked Designs

All Chewigem products are safety tested so you know that everything you are chewing is safe. Our bangles and toys are even CE tested because that’s how important safety is to us. We also design all of our own products and these are trademarked! We design our products based on our own experiences and your feedback. Be aware there are bootleg Chewigem’s out there that are not made in our factory!

Product Guarantee

We are pretty proud of our guarantee, in fact, we know it’s the best out there and we are always happy to help you find the right Chewigem. We won’t rest until we find what suits you the best and you can find out more about that here.

Expert Knowledge & Continued Support

Nobody knows our products or understands the need to chew like we do. We are the experts it’s what we do! So if you’re not sure which chew to get please speak to us and we can help because we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people already. When you buy a Chewigem you don’t just get a product, you also get our expert knowledge and continued support for as long as you need us. If you need help you just need to send us a message or a Whats App – 07813590339.

Online Community & Educational Resources

Alongside our website and social media accounts we also have an amazing Sensory Support Group that anyone can join. This is a great place to chat and ask questions amongst people who are on the same page and going through the same things. We also share a lot of our extra educational resources there, which you can also find on our website in the content hub. These include blogs, podcasts, hacks, product comparisons, downloads & resources, and our archive which contains everything we’ve ever published.

Generic Chew V Chewigem

As you can see there is a lot more to Chewigem and our products than you might have once thought. We are proud of the service we offer and love to help and support our community and customers and will continue to do this.

BenefitsGeneric ChewChewigem
Neurodivergent Business
Medical Grade Silicone
Non Toxic
Multiple Finishes
Safety Tested
Product Guarantee
Trademarked Designs
Expert Knowledge
Continued Support
Online Community
Educational Resources

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