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But What If You Want To Chew Bits Off Your Chew?

But What If You Want To Chew Bits Off Your Chew?

Hmmmmmm Interesting!

If you want to chew bits of your chew don’t worry it is perfectly normal! We are often asked to find people a chew that they can’t chew through or if that isn’t possible a chew that will last them the longest. But this doesn’t always give the chewer the feedback they require. Some people actually need to be able to bite pieces off their chews and essentially break them.

The Lifespan Of A Chew Product

On our website you can find the average life span for all of our products. However this is more of a guesstimate because every chewer is different. The truth is everything can and will eventually be chewed through and destroyed … nothing lasts forever. So whilst we try to find the best product for each customer the way we do this can vary depending on what they actually need.

Introducing Elliot

Elliot’s mum got in touch with us because Elliot was destroying his clothes.

We worked with Elliot’s mum to find him a Chewigem that he could be redirected to and therefore save his clothes from being ruined. Not only that Elliot had also swallowed some threads from a shoe lace and needed to be checked out in A&E so he needed something safer to chew.

But What If You Want To Chew Bits Off Your Chew?

One thing we always ask when you damage a Chewigem is to send us photos. We can tell by these photo’s what type of chewing style you have and which product may work better for you. Elliot’s mum sent us the following photo which shows the work of what we like to call “A Nibbler”.

Nibblers are the hardest chewers to find the correct chew for! It may take us a little longer to find the right chew for a nibbler but we persevere and we get there. That’s what we did for Elliot.

The Berries

Usually when people message us to help with chewing they want us to recommend a product that they can’t chew through. We found this product for Elliot in our berries necklace. The problem with the Berries is that Elliot couldn’t chew through them and so he wouldn’t use them. This worked out well for his baby sister as mum now uses them as a teething necklace.

So we went back to the drawing board and decided we needed something that he could chew pieces off but would last as long as possible. Here are a few of the things we tried.

Take a look at the above picture again at the 2 Hexichews … can you see that 3 of the arms on each are almost completely gone? Elliot loves the hexichew but he can’t chew through the solid ends of them. That gave me an idea … if mum cut the solid ends off would Elliot be able to chew those arms and get even more out of them? The answer was yes!

The Most Silicone For Your Money

It became clear that Eliot needed a product he could nibble with the most silicone for its money. So we recommended the Chewigem Remote Control!

Just wanted to say Elliot absolutely loves the remote control!! It’s lasted ages so far too! I’ll definitely buy this one again. I love that he now gets his need to chew and it’s safe.

Sarah – Elliot’s Mum

But What If You Want To Chew Bits Off Your Chew?

Every chewer is different and is looking for the perfect feedback and the perfect chew. So don’t worry it just means that you like to destroy your chews. You’re not alone and we can help!

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