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Different Types Of Chewers

Different Types Of Chewers

Different types of chewers. When we talk about different types of chewers we usually put them into 3 categories and they are mild, moderate and aggressive. Let’s break those down a little further.

Different types of chewers


A mild chewer is usually someone who likes a soft and flexible chew. There are lots of Chewigems that these chewers could never bite through or destroy but these Chewigems would be way too tough for them. If you are a mild chewer you probably won’t need to replace your Chewigems very often. Some of our most popular Chewigems for mild chewers are:

Twister Bangle & Dog Tags


A moderate chewer is someone who likes a mid strength chew. There are a good amount of Chewigems available for moderate chewers and some of them they will never be able to get through. However if a moderate chewer prefers the feedback of a more flexible chew you may find the need to replace your Chewigems more often. Some popular Chewigems for moderate chewers are:

Bonnie Bangle & Jazz Pendant


An aggressive chewer is someone who gets through most Chewigems but there are a couple that work well for them. If an aggressive chewer prefers the feedback of a more flexible chew they may get through those quite quickly but if you try a chew that is too firm it won’t work. Some popular Chewigems for aggressive chewers are:

Realm Ring & Button Pendant

Aggressive Plus

Of course there is always an exception to the rule and that is the aggressive plus chewer. Aggressive plus chewers seem to be able to get through everything. The key here is to find a Chewigem that meets their need and lasts the longest. There are many ways to do this including using our Chewigem hacks. Here are some of the Chewigems we recommend for aggressive plus chewers:

Cactus Chubes & Berries

The important thing to remember when choosing a Chewigem is regardless of what level of chewer you are you need to consider texture, flexibility & finish. If the product doesn’t fulfil your sensory need then it isn’t going to work. We always recommend chatting to us to find the right Chewigem for you as soon as possible. We’ve are the experts in our products and finding the one for you … because it’s what we do!

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