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So You Think You’re An Aggressive Chewer?

so you think you're an aggressive chewer?

So you think you’re an aggressive chewer.

At Chewigem we speak with lots of people about their chewing habits. This is great because we can find the best product to meet their needs. However, unless someone is a mild chewer that needs something really soft and flexible the majority of people think they are an aggressive chewer.

so you think you're an aggressive chewer
So you think you’re an aggressive chewer?


We usually get chatting with people when they have already been let down or disappointed by another brand or chew. Most of these people have been buying generic chews and they are destroying them very quickly. So it stands to reason that they think they are an aggressive chewer and they need our strongest product!

Some of these customers go on to buy a product like the Button Pendant or the Geotag because they are “super tough”. But unfortunately, they chew through those and give up.

Don’t Give Up!

This is a massive shame because, with a follow-up chat, we would be able to see the reason for destroying those Chewigem’s. They were probably too tough and too hard! When a chew is too tough or too hard and you’re not getting the sensory feedback you need you will chew harder. The reason you chew harder is that you are constantly searching for that sensory feedback that isn’t there. When you break through the chew you get a little bit closer to that sensory feedback. But now the chew is broken and you need to find something else. New products mean more money and ultimately you get frustrated with the process and give up 😞

A quick chat with us and we would have been able to work out that you’re not as aggressive a chewer as you maybe thought. That doesn’t mean you’re not a massive chewer. You don’t have to be an aggressive chewer to have something in your mouth all day long! Prolific chewers aren’t always aggressive chewers and don’t always need a super tough chew. Every chewer has their own style of chewing and needs to meet their own sensory need.

How Do You Know What Type Of Chewer You Are Then?

Does it really matter what type of chewer you are? To be honest, the way people chew can change from day to day, month to month, and year to year. It’s a bit like your sensory profile, it can change depending on your environment and how you are feeling yourself. Maybe school or work causes you more anxiety than being at home and so you chew more to help self-regulate in those situations.

So You Think You’re An Aggressive Chewer

My eldest child Jamie needs a selection of Chewigem’s for different things. Here are a couple of examples.

College is stressful and so Jamie has a Raindrop Pendant. This can last anywhere from 1 day to 3 weeks depending on the kind of day Jamie is having. It is worth noting that Jamie could use a Button Pendant instead but it is too tough and doesn’t give the correct feedback. Jamie also uses an Emotichew Bangle at college for help with communicating.

Chilling on Youtube and generally being at home Jamie is more relaxed and will use a Skull Pendant or a Bonnie Bangle. Both of these are more flexible than the Raindrop Pendant and give Jamie the feedback required when relaxed but still having the need to chew.

It’s Not A Simple Thing

So as you can see it’s not just as simple as chewing through a chew and thinking you are an aggressive chewer and need the strongest chew available. There are so many factors and variables involved. That is why we always recommend you send us a message and chat with us first to see which products might be the most suitable. We are the chewing experts, we have been doing this for over 12 years now it is literally What We Do!

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