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5 Chewing Myths

5 chewing Myths

5 Chewing Myths. In our line of business we hear lots of chewing myths and we thought it was about time we busted some of them!

Myth 1 – Chewing Is A Distraction

For some reason people think if you’re chewing or stimming you aren’t paying attention. It seems to be a common misconception in schools and we are trying to change that. Chewing and stimming actually helps you to stay calm and focused and concentrate on the task at hand!

Myth 2 – You Destroy Chews So You Must Be An Aggressive Chewer

Actually, you may be destroying your chews because the ones you are using aren’t giving you the correct feedback. It’s hard to explain but if you think you need a hard chew you might find it doesn’t give you the feedback you really need. So what happens is you chew it harder and harder to try and find the feedback you need but all that happens is you break the chew. This leaves you thinking there is nothing left for you to try because you are destroying the hardest chews. Check out our blog So You Think You’re An Aggressive Chewer.

Speak to us because we can really help you find the right chew for your needs. Just send us a message or a What’s App – 07813590339.

Myth 3 – Chews Should Last Forever

In an ideal world we think everything would last forever but that’s not how it works. There isn’t anything you chew that wouldn’t eventually break down so silicone isn’t going to be indestructible either. Don’t get me wrong some people are lucky enough that a chew can last them for years but that is not common. What we do offer with our Chewigem’s is pretty incredible though and you can find out more about that here.

Myth 4 – Chewing Is Bad For Your Teeth

We can understand why people might think this but lets turn this around and look at it from a different perspective. What kind of things were you chewing before you started to use chews? We have customers who chew anything from clothing to batteries and you’ve got to think what are chewing these things doing to your teeth! We have actually had customers give us feedback from their dentists who think our products are amazing and some of them have also confirmed that chewing Chewigems has helped to clean their teeth!

Myth 5 – Chewing Is For Babies

This one really grates on us because it is so far from the truth it’s laughable. Of course babies explore the world through their mouths but we start everything as babies. Another thing we learn as babies is that biting and sucking helps us to self soothe so why would we not continue to do that? Those of us who have sensory difficulties know how important it is to regulate our senses and for some of us chewing is the way we do that. So when you tell us “chewing is for babies” think about how condescending that is and the damage you could be doing by shaming us into not being able to use our self regulating stratergies.

We are always trying to change peoples perceptions on chewing and how important it is for self regulating. We would love it if you could share this with people who you think it might help to understand chewing. We’d also love to know what things you have heard people say about chewing that clearly aren’t true!

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