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Fabric Chewing Facts

Fabric Chewig Facts

Fabric Chewing Facts that you may not know!

Chewing fabric and clothing is quite common, especially in the sensory community. Not only does chewing help us to remain calm and focused but it helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Chewing fabric is not necessarily a bad thing but it is important to be aware of the facts.

Fact #1 It Is A Stim

Chewing can be a form of stimming so if someone is chewing or sucking their clothing this could be them stimming.

Fact #2 It Can Cause Dehydration

When chewing fabric your saliva soaks into the material rather than being swallowed. This can cause dehydration.

Fact #3 Fabric Chewing Can Cause Skin Irritation

When you chew fabric the fabric becomes wet and can irritate the skin around your mouth and face or the skin directly under the place where the clothing gets wet.

Fact #4 Fabric Chewing Can Be Dangerous

If you chew your clothes you might ingest fabric, chew off, swallow or damage your teeth on buttons or zips.

Fact #5 You Can Redirect From Fabric Chewing

Just because someone chews fabric doesn’t mean that they can’t/won’t chew something else. You can redirect to a safer alternative like a Chewigem it just takes time and perseverance. Consistency is key when it comes to changing habits.

Fact #6 It Can Be Expensive

Chewing fabric can be really expensive if you’re chewing through your clothes and school uniform.

If you are looking for a safer alternative to fabric chewing and don’t know where to start please get in touch and we can help.

You can get 3 Chewigem Originals for £30 on our website.

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