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Chewigem’s Unique Finishes

Chewigem's Unique Finishes

Do You Know About Chewigem’s Unique Finishes?

Chewigem’s unique finishes. All chew products are made from different types of materials. Some are made from food grade silicone which is a non-toxic silicone that was designed to be used for things like kitchen utensils and babies dummy teats. Other’s are made with FDA Compliant materials which means that they meet the food and drug regulations to protect public health. There are some products made by medical grade materials and others that are made by medical grade silicone. All of these products are free from toxins, which is very important when they’re going into your mouth.

What’s The Difference?

The main difference between food grade silicone and medical grade silicone is their intended use and the level of purity and biocompatibility required. Food grade silicone is safe to use for food storage or cooking. Medical grade is considered a step above that, meaning that it can be used in applications that touch human skin or are in contact with other human tissue. Both types of silicone are safe and effective for their intended uses, but medical grade silicone must meet higher standards of purity and biocompatibility.

Chewigem’s Unique Finishes

What About The Different Finishes?

Well, you may have noticed that brands other than Chewigem have the same finish on all of their products. Take a look at them and you’ll see! They may have different textures but the silicone finish is always the same. Now take a look at Chewigem, yes we have different textures … BUT we also have different finishes. This makes us unique and sets us apart because when you shop with Chewigem you can choose a matt, gloss or a silkly satin finish and some even have some added sparkle!

A Different Quality

When you compare a Chewigem to any other brand you will see the difference in the silicone we use. Take a look at other chews and you will see the same silicone but in different shapes. Whilst they may have different strengths they look and feel the same.

It’s hard to describe the silicone our Chewigem products are made from. When you compare them side by side with others chews you can see and feel the higher quality. Alongside each other they are all so different because we know our range needs to meet so many different styles of chewing.

Chewigem’s Unique Finishes

High Gloss Finish

If you love sparkle and shine then aesthetically a high gloss Chewigem would be perfect for you. When the light catches these products they look absolutely stunning! They are so discreet and can be easily mistaken for costume jewellery. These are also great for visual seekers because they are mesmerising to look at. Gloss products feel so soft and smooth to rub and stim with, I would compare them to a gem stone. When it comes to chewing we say that our gloss products feel tougher than our matt or silk products do. They also slide around your mouth more easily and can be a little squeaky.

Matt Finish

Looking for a softer more muted look then the matt products are for you. These babies don’t catch the light so are great if you don’t like shiny and sparkly, but you can choose a brighter colour if you still want to stand out! The matt products are amazingly soft to stim and fidget with and feel lovely and soft in your mouth so great for sucking and chewing. If you want to avoid the squeak of the gloss products then matt would be a great alternative.

Silky Satin Finish

For the super soft silky satin finish we add a special coating to some of our products and it is amazing. It really needs to be felt to be believed. The only way to describe it is some kind of calm, silky heaven. If you like to stroke soft, silky, velvety things then you will adore the finish on these products. They are fantastic for those who love to stim, chew and fidget and they come in both a bangle and a necklace. The Wave Bangle and The Eternity Necklace both have the amazing silkly satin finish.

3 for £30

With our current 3 for £30 offer you could try all 3 finishes to see which one is your favourite!

Why not join the poll in our Sensory Support Group to see which finish is the most popular!

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