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10 Reasons Chewing Helps!

10 Reasons Chewing Helps!

10 Reasons Chewing Helps!

Chewing can give you so many benefits and can especially help you cope with sensory challenges. We’ve put together 10 reasons why chewing actually helps!

Sensory Stimulation

Chewing is good for proprioceptive and oral sensory input. This is good for calming and regulating if you have sensory processing differences.

Sensory Regulation

Chewing is a great self-regulation tool, helping you manage stress, anxiety, and/or sensory overload.

Focus and Attention

Chewing can improve focus and attention, helping you to better engage in activities and learning tasks.

Coping Mechanism

Chewing can serve as a coping mechanism during challenging or overwhelming situations, providing you a way to redirect anxiety or agitation.

Reducing Stimulus-Seeking Behaviours

If you’re neurodivergent you may engage in repetitive behaviours to seek sensory input. Chewing can be a safer and more socially acceptable alternative to this.

Anxiety Reduction

Chewing can promote a sense of security and comfort, reducing your anxiety and promoting a feeling of safety.

Improved Concentration

If you’re neurodivergent you may find chewing can help filter out distracting sensory stimuli, allowing you to concentrate better on specific tasks.

Non-Verbal Communication

Chewing can act as a non-verbal communication method, indicating stress or discomfort in situations where verbal communication may be challenging.

Replacing Inappropriate Chewing

If you’re neurodivergent you may have a tendency to chew on inappropriate items. By switching to a more appropriate chew like Chewigems you can redirect this behaviour.

Sensory Integration

Chewing can contribute to better sensory integration, improving the ability to process and respond to sensory information effective

So chewing can be beneficial for neurodivergent people, but not everyone will find it helpful or have a need for it. Every person’s sensory preferences and needs are unique, and it’s important to respect their individual choices and preferences. By having a variety of sensory tools and supports you can help to cater for your different sensory needs.

10 Reasons Why Chewing Helps!

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