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Miller Heart Pendant Sensory Chew


Miller Heart Pendant Sensory Chew



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A firm favorite with a range of chewers and stimmers, it’s chunky, funky and gives smooth and soothing feedback thanks to its shiny glossy finish.

This one was named after our founders son and originally designed for the teething market as its open nature made it easy for little ones to grab and hold. Chewers and stimmers became attracted to it too and the pendant went under a redesign and make over to make it more durable for the adult chewing market.

  • Soothing smooth finish
  • Adaptable for use on the cord or as a hand held
  • Varying thickness and shape adding interest when stroked
  • Robust

93% of Chewigem users report it helps them feel calmer.

Whether you want to slip it off the cord and have it to hand in your pocket, use it on your desk as a stress ball alternative you can squeeze and fidget with or wear it as a pendant to create a funky look, this versatile Chew and fidget aid remains a top seller for all those reasons. 

Why not team it with a co-ordinating Bonnie Bangle

Cord TypeSilk Cord
  • Pendants are not suitable for anyone under 3 years of age due to the long cord which poses a strangulation risk
  • All pendants have a breakaway clasp for safety, always check this is working well.
  • All of our silicone products are nontoxic, lead, latex, BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free
  • The clasp on pendants is not designed for chewing. (small part – choking hazard). If you think you or your chewer cannot resist chewing the clasp then select a product that is not a necklace.
  • In children and any person with a learning disability, that does not understand risks, it is vital all products should be used with supervision and checked regularly for damage. As soon as wear and tear shows, the product should be discarded.
  • Products must be checked frequently and discarded as soon as wear and tear shows. This means a tear or puncture that could cause a larger section to break off.
Chewing Style Average Lifespan in Weeks
Aggressive 3
Moderate 6
Mild 8

CHEWIGEMS WITH A CORD (e.g. pendants & necklaces)


  • Hot soapy water
  • Washing machine or dishwasher on a low heat


By removing the cord the silicone section can be washed in the same way as a cordless product above.

The clasp on the cords is plastic and cannot cope with high heat and risks melting which is why we suggest the cord be removed.

This is simple, snap the breakaway clasp apart, pull the clasp back down the cord to reveal the knot, untie the knot and slide the clasp off this should allow you to take the cord off the pendant. Once washed, reverse the process, reattach the cord, slide the clasp down onto the cord, tie a knot at the end and slide the clasp back up over the knot. 

For further information please refer to our Caring for your Chewigem guide which gives lots of information on looking after your Chewigem and prolonging its life.

In short, we promise:

  • If you break our product we will replace it for free*
  • If our products do not work for you, we will source and buy a competitor’s product at no cost to you
  • If you have been disappointed by another brand’s product, we will send you one of ours for free!

This should remove any concerns you have about giving us a go, there really is no risk to you at all. Only the opportunity to find the solution you have been looking for!

Read more about our 3 point Guarantee here.

*T’s & C’s apply

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3 reviews for Miller Heart Pendant Sensory Chew

  1. Jenny

    Love that it can be chewable and worn as a necklace but also taken off the cord as a handheld.

  2. Alice

    This is my current favourite!
    I love that it has different thicknesses/firmness/shapes around the heart.
    It is my most used chew but is still going strong with no sign of damage.
    It is also great to fidget with, very flexible and squeezable!
    I have it in blue and it is so pretty and shimmery – very wearable.

  3. Grace

    I have the zebra print Miller Heart and the purple one
    I love them
    Very pretty colours and great to nibble and wear as a piece of jewellery

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