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Fingers&Thumbs® Thumb Glove | Thumb Guard – Children & Adults


Fingers&Thumbs® Thumb Glove | Thumb Guard – Children & Adults



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Fingers&Thumbs® Thumb glove is helping children and adults alike to stop their thumb-sucking habit. Also helpful to those suffering with skin picking/biting, nail-biting or those who need a thumb guard for other reasons e.g. post-surgery or treating thumb and hand eczema.  

  • Touch Screen Compatible
  • NO itchy closing mechanism – specially designed for comfort
  • Fits either hand 
  • NOT recommended for children under 4 years old 
  • Made in the UK
  • Available in many sizes and several colours
  • Organic Cotton (min 95%) and Elastane
  • Price is per glove – they do not come in pairs
  • Please check the size guide below before ordering 

Size /

Approx. age fit


(4-6 years)


     (7-9 years)    


(10+years / Adult)

X – Large

(Adult/Larger Hands)

Thumb Glove (Thumb measure) 4 – 5 cm 5 – 6 cm 6 – 7 cm 7 – 8 cm
2Finger Glove* (Middle finger measure)

Not currently available – coming soon

5 – 6 cm 6 – 7 cm 7 – 8 cm 8 – 9 cm
3Finger Glove

Not currently available – Coming soon

 Finger and Thumb measurement together  Finger and Thumb measurement together Finger and Thumb measurement together Finger and Thumb measurement together
Fit all: Fingers&Thumbs® Thumb Gloves are specially designed to fit either hand. Our fabric is soft and stretchy so it is advised to choose a size that allows a snug fit rather than going too large. This will give most comfort for daily activities. If in doubt please contact us – we are happy to help.


Cord TypeNo cord attached
  • Keep away from fire – fabric is not fire resistant
  • If younger users keep chewing the glove please stop using it immediately to avoid choking hazards
  • Not suitable for children younger than 4 years old
  • Please wash the glove before use 
  • Always wash with similar colours 
  • Some gloves may have a trace of a sewing precision line. This disappears in the first wash 
  • Please see the label inside the glove for guidance
  • Identify the key times of day when the habit kicks in e.g. in front of TV, at bedtime or on the car journey and of course when tiredness generally hits 
  • We recommend buying 2 or 3 gloves or more to ensure there is always one available when the other is in the wash or hiding somewhere  
  • We recommend always using positive, motivational incentives to encourage commitment to wearing the glove and depending on the user’s age also introduce a reward chart. Never punish – it is habitual and very difficult to stop.
  • Wearing a glove can take a little getting used to so again depending on how young the user is we suggest you start with shorter intervals e.g. half an hour to an hour then increase to 2 hours or more when needed. Bedtime can be particularly difficult so be prepared to consider using other soothers such as a Sensooli Sensory Aid. For some younger users, it helps them if you stay with them and holding their hand to comfort them whilst they are wearing gloves until they fall asleep so they get used to it. It takes patience but it will be worth it as the prolonged nighttime sucking is one of the main areas that would be most beneficial to stop. 

The occasional short time self-soothing is quite normal so it is important to give it time, be patient and persevere. 

Remember that any time spent not thumb sucking, skin picking, hair pulling or nail biting is better than none. It is very difficult to stop but believe you can do it.

A Fingers&Thumbs® glove is a visible mindful help not a cure. Should you have any health concerns about your own habit or someone you care for, see your GP or talk to a trusted friend or family member. 


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