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Baby Panda Ear Defenders Noise Reduction Protectors

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Baby Panda Ear Defenders Noise Reduction Protectors from – eb-ear-defenders-mint-green

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Baby Panda Ear Defenders are an essential tool for Sound Avoiders.

Noise-reducing products can be really helpful if you are hypersensitive to noise. They can enable you to access places and things you wouldn’t normally be able to. They become an essential accessory if you struggle with the overwhelm and strong emotions that often come with being in a busy environment.

  • Adjustable headband
  • Foldable for easy transportation
  • Age: 0 – 3 years – but actually fit most people
  • Detachable Earmuffs
  • SNR: 25DB

Ideal ear protection for any noisy environment including; classrooms, sports events, music concerts/festivals, and shopping centres. Choose the colour to suit your personality. The great thing about ear defenders these days is with the rise of wireless technology, it’s not unusual to have wireless headphones and you cannot tell which are ear defenders and which are headphones meaning they can be super discreet. 

If ear defenders are not discreet enough for you, then check out Vibes, our top-selling tiny and subtle noise-reducing earplugs. 

We are green!
All our packaging is made from recycled materials to do our bit to help the planet and in 2022 we plan to take this further by moving to paperless ordering.

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