Sensory Profile : Visual Seeker

Your struggle zone: magpie-like attraction to all things bright and sparkly!

You love lights and visual stimuli and might even find that things you look at seem quite dark. You might be the one found staring at disco lights at a party or fixing your gaze on a bubble tube or lava lamp. You might tend to focus on detail rather than the whole picture. 

You like the brightness of a sunny day, strobe lights and visually stimulating screens. It all calms you and mesmerises you.

Secret weapons:

  1. Feed your visual-seeking self by creating a sensory corner in an area of your house where you can go and enjoy visually stimulating scenes.
  2. Find tools you love and use them – such as fibre optics or bubble tubes; light-up tiles, light-up tanks and even light-up clothing!
  3. Search for visual apps in the app store – there are plenty to choose from and can be like a little portable lava lamp in your hand to carry with you. 
  4. Carve out time each day to satisfy your need to be visually stimulated.
  5. Why not try magic eye puzzles, Where’s Wally? books, or a dark den with lights inside.

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