Sensory Profile : Visual Avoider

Your struggle zone: bright lights

Bright lights in shopping centres and sunny days are just not your thing.

You find flashing lights and moving lights too much and do all you can to avoid these places and situations. Images may fragment and distort for you. You may find it hard to make and maintain eye contact. If it’s sunny or bright you blink or shut your eyes. You may struggle to fall asleep if your room is not in complete darkness. You may experience headaches and sickness when exposed to these conditions.

Secret weapons:

  1. Wearing sunglasses or light-reactive glasses or even a cap or hat are useful for reducing light levels.
  2. Using screen overlays with your devices such as your computer screen. Also blue light specs can be very helpful.
  3. Adjusting the settings of your technology devices to reduce brightness. Shop online rather than in-store.
  4. Using a red lightbulb in the bedroom or a dull / low-wattage lightbulb for sleep if you need a night light.
  5. Considering weighted therapy, for example weighted blankets.
  6. Closing curtains.
  7. Avoid driving at night.

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