Sensory Profile : Scent Seeker

Sensory Superpower: a nose like no other!

You ADORE certain smells, or just enjoy a variety of smells in general! It soothes you, calms you, grounds you.

You inhale deeply as you walk past a bakery or you catch a whiff of someone’s deodorant, aftershave or perfume that you like. You wish you could run up to someone and just inhale their jumper to fill your nostrils with that sweet scent – maybe you have even done that! Some Scent Seekers even crave inappropriate strong smells such as faeces. If this is the case try strong smelling scents to distract you from the inappropriate stimuli.

Or perhaps you just don’t smell much at all, or find it hard to distinguish between smells and you maybe lick things to try and improve the sensation. But having a poor sense of smell could also lead to you being unaware of your own scent and poor hygiene.

Secret weapons:

  1. Carry around a spray you enjoy and use that on your own clothes and personal items to ensure your getting that feedback.
  2. Aromatherapy kits to use at home – just sit back and let your favourite scent wash over you.
  3. Give your body and senses some time to enjoy what it is asking for.
  4. If your sense of smell is not so good and need to be reminded about your personal hygiene, use your phones diary to set reminders. Or use social stories or Tom Tags for younger onesto help plan time for cleanliness.
  5. Strong mints.

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