Sensory Profile : Proprioception Avoider

Sensory Superpower: over defensive

You are sensory defensive when it comes to movement. You may avoid things that require lots of movement for fear of becoming uncomfortable. So you might avoid busy places so as not to bash into people, or you might walk around the edges of a room rather than straight through the middle. You may prefer to wear baggy clothing or bigger shoes as you don’t like the restrictiveness this can cause.

These are all things that can be mastered, they just might be more challenging for you and with practice, it is certainly not impossible!

Push yourself to practice those skills that you find tricky, but do it in your own space and time and without putting yourself under too much pressure.  Give yourself (or the person you care for) time, space and understanding to push forward and practice these things and if it never gets mastered, it’s no biggy! Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

Secret weapons:

  1. Until you master lacing up shoes, buy velcro ones.
  2. If little fiddly buttons on your coat don’t work, go for a coat with a zipper or bigger buttons.
  3. Wear bigger clothing & shoes if you need to.
  4. Consider busy boards, marble mazes ,bead stackers, lace-up games and items that may make everyday tasks a little easier like carrying cutlery, playing with lego and jigsaws. 
  5. Go to busy places like supermarkets and shopping centres during quiet hours.

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