Sensory Profile : Oral Seeker

Your struggle zone – chewing and biting

You’re often a lover of strong flavours, spices and tastes. You may enjoy hot food and perhaps you enjoy a variety of flavours and textures in your food. You perhaps have to be mindful of not eating too much!

In fact, you just love the sensation of anything oral, so are often found sucking, licking or chewing a variety of things that would be classed as non-edible items. You might chew and destroy the neck or cuffs of your clothes. Or pencils, pens,  remote controls or metal – we have even heard of some folks chewing batteries which is not clever or safe.  But like any need, it requires satisfying. You might find chewing helps you focus, or improves your concentration. It may have a calming effect on you, or perhaps you have the urge more when you are excited. Try and figure that out and then assess what you are chewing –  is it safe, appropriate and socially acceptable. Ask yourself if being socially acceptable actually bothers you? Safety of course is of the highest importance and is a priority. 

Secret weapons:

  1. There are a vast range of cool,chewable necklaces, bangles and handheldsin a variety of strengths and textures so it can take trial and error – but there is something for everyone. Try our range of safe Chewigem Originals. 
  2. It takes a lot ofredirection and reward to break an existing habit so be patient with yourself!
  3. Strong mints.

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