Sensory Profile : Oral Avoider

Your struggle zone: unknown or unwelcome tastes and textures

You tend to have a bland diet and lean towards always eating the same things which can lead to something called a ‘restrictive diet’. You might have a preference for one single thing such as only eating smooth textured food; crunchy or dry finger foods; or bland-coloured foods. 

Perhaps you dread going out to eat with friends or your child visiting someone else’s house as a result. You may worry about the nutrition you or your child is getting but cannot get yourself or the person you care for to expand their palate.

It causes stress, anxiety and meltdowns and the easier path is to stick to eating what you know and like and you know what? That’s ok! Sometimes we have to pick our battles. But, if it is a battle you want to pick, then slow and steady is the name of the game.

Secret weapons:

  1. Introduce small changes. If someone likes brand ‘X’ of chicken nuggets, try them on 5 nuggets of brand ‘X’ and one from brand ‘Y’ on the same plate. Gradually increase the ratio and then try to introduce a goujon for example or something with some flavouring. 
  2. Oral stimulation can also help desensitise the mouth. So chewing products such as our Chewigem chewellry can help, or try a vibrating therapy in the mouth. 
  3.  Another thing you might avoid if you are in this bracket is brushing your teeth. So seek out a flavour-free toothpaste, or try different flavoured toothpaste.  Finger brushes are also less invasive in the mouth.

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