Sensory Profile : Mixed

Mixed Profile

Based on your results you have a mixed profile. This means that you display both sensory seeking and sensory avoiding behaviours. That doesn’t mean that you don’t need help and support with these senses, it just means that you are neither a dominant seeker nor a dominant avoider.

Mixed profiles often change depending on your circumstances, for example, your mood and environment. We recommend using the profiling tool based on the different situations you experience to give you an idea of where you need the most help and support.

For example, you may struggle in loud and noisy places yet love your own loud music. This means you have a mixed profile. A great way to help is to use your seeking behaviours to regulate your avoidant ones.

Secret Weapons

The ability to use your sensory mix to overcome your avoiding behaviours to help with your seeking ones. So if you’re in a busy shopping centre you can listen to loud music to block out noise you struggle with and use the noise you like to regulate.