Sensory Profile : Interoception Seeker

Your struggle zone – recognising your body’s signals

You can be seen running for the toilet with only a second to spare, or perhaps you don’t make it in time. In children, you may find them still having accidents long after you would normally expect.

You can go hours without drinking and never realise that the banging headache you have is because not a drop of liquid has passed your lips all day. It could be almost bedtime and you remember that you have not eaten!

You really struggle to recognise the signals your body is giving you that control your body’s basic needs – pain, thirst, hunger and toileting.

Secret weapons:

  1. Using a daily timetable, your phone or paper planner to ensure you know when to eat, drink and try for the bathroom can really help.
  2. Tom Tags are a really useful planning tool. 
  3. Hydration bottles that show you how much you have drunk and set your targets throughout the day are also invaluable.

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