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Sensooli Common Questions

We live to serve those with sensory needs and pride ourselves on helping to find exactly the right product for each unique individual. Our expert team works passionately to support our customers and community through top-notch sensory products and the best content – from podcasts and blogs to downloadable resources and expert advice.

We have 10 years of experience in designing and creating Chewigem Originals – our flagship range of sensory chewables and fidgets for children and adults. We have served over 250,000 people with a need to chew across the world so far and continue to expand that offering. We have almost every type of chewer and stimmer covered and continue to innovate and develop new products all the time. We also scour the globe to source the best products from top-notch brands to provide products to support every type of sensory need. Only the best of the best make it to the store after a rigorous testing process – so the highest quality is guaranteed.

We have partnered with some of the best companies in our sector to expand our offering to ensure you can find everything you need on our platform. We continue to work on this all the time and will be constantly adding to our store. Every new ‘vendor’ we add goes through some strict tests to ensure they meet our extremely high standards. We personally check each product prior to listing it and involve our VIC community in that testing. Only products that meet a minimum score level will be listed on the site.

Yes we sell products, but for us Sensooli is so much more than that, with our ever-expanding group of private members we are doing remarkable things, connecting like-minded individuals for support, providing top quality content to support people’s needs beyond that of just chewing. If you want to know more then read about our VIC members program here.

The reasons are endless! We are pretty darn awesome! This is what you get:

  • We started this business in 2010, that’s a lot of years of experience helping people redirect habits and master their sensory seeking needs.
  • We are so knowledgeable, and pride ourselves on being more than just a product … we offer support too. You can get in touch with us via several channels from the phone, to email and socials as well as our community support group and we will work with you to support your needs and find solutions.
  • We ‘live it’ our knowledge is not just from learning from books or courses, we have learned a lot from working with our customers as well as our own personal experiences. We are a truly neurodiverse team. We have a mixed team of those on the autism spectrum, dyslexia, dyspraxia, sensory processing difficulties, OCD and other conditions. As well as having neurodiverse families so we know what it’s like to be neurodiverse and care for those with neurodiversity.
  • We offer an amazing guarantee on our Chewigem brand for complete peace of mind! Read about it here.
  • We also offer a no quibble money-back guarantee on all other products

Sensooli items and Chewigem’s that are in stock and ordered before 12 pm will be dispatched the same day Monday- Friday. Then it’s in the hands of whichever postal option you chose! We send everything within the Uk second class for Free, this can take 3-5 working days to arrive. Our paying members get free first class delivery and can expect items to arrive within 2-3 days. These are Uk timeframes, we cannot offer free postage across europe and the rest of the world at the moment. But you will be able to see the postage cost at checkout and can expect items to take 1-3 weeks. In the USA all items get free standard shipping which can take up to 9 days or members get free priority shipping which can take 3-5 days. There is always the option to upgrade from our free postage options to a faster service.

For our own flagship Chewigem Originals brand, our products are PVC, Lead, BPA, Latex & Phthalate Free. Nothing is more important to us than safety. As such we have secured the CE mark against the required Toy standards for our bangles and toys. This is probably a bit extreme, as they are not toys but this seemed the most robust test. We have also carried out toxicity and bite tests on our products.

We only use silicone which is approved and suitable for baby teethers. It is a food-safe, medical-grade silicone and is free from all the harmful chemical properties that meet this standard.

For other products, we list that we do not manufacture, prior to listing they go through a rigorous due diligence process to acquire all relevant safety information is collated and checked. If they don’t meet our standards, we won’t list them.

We have three free account types. Individual for personal use, parent/carer, perfect for those with dependants and Professional, designed for teachers, OT’s and other professionals who may look after people with SPD. You can read more about each account type here.

Chewigem Original's Related Questions

Every chewer is different so it is impossible to say how long a Chewigem will last. We have a large variety for strengths and textures. If you would like some advice on which product would be the most suitable please get in touch and we will do our best to guide you, we pride ourselves on getting it right!

Although Chewigems are durable, they will show signs of wear and will need replacing in time.

How long that takes, depends on the intensity, frequency and style of a chewer (this includes if they use their back or front teeth, nibble and peel or chew hard). Some may find that one will last for a great length and someone else will wear out their chews more frequently.

You will notice on all Chewigem product pages there is a product lifespan table, this is a good starting point and guide for a predicted lifespan, dependant on how you chew. Knowing your own chewing style is also hard as you probably have nothing to compare it with. People often have to try something out and compare it to the lifespan table to get a gauge on how they chew. We are different to most companies, we are real experts in this field and are more than happy to guide you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Plus you can have total peace of mind that if you make the wrong selection we have an amazing product guarantee that means your purchase is risk free. Read about it here.

If you have purchased a Chewigem and chewed through it quickly please send us a message. We can help, don’t assume that is it… we have lots of options!

Once damaged, Chewigem should be discarded and replaced. The breakaway clasp and cord are NOT for chewing and are purely to hold the necklace in place, if you think you or your child will chew the clasp, then this product is not suitable, and you would be better with a bangle. We strongly recommend not to pull on the cord HARD whilst the pendant is being chewed as this puts force on the stringing hole which is the weakest point of the necklace and could cause it to break.

Our bespoke breakaway clasps provide additional comfort and safety and are set to break apart at approximately 2.3KG’s of pressure (5llbs).

CHEWIGEM® will no doubt split opinion, just like babies’ dummies. Some people will be happy with this concept, safe in the knowledge that they are chewing something that cannot harm them whereas others will disagree strongly. We have a great understanding of sensory profiles and the benefits of chewing. It is vital you understand why some people have a need to chew, it can aid concentration, reduce anxiety, improve focus and help them self regulate.

Yes. The silicone we use meets the same standards as any product which is suitable for chewing, as it is non toxic. But due to the fact this market will cause damage to these items, it is to be remembered that this product should be used with supervision. It should also be checked frequently for wear and tear and our pendant items are not suitable for children under 3 years old. These are not toys.

All our pieces are designed by us in bonny Scotland and manufactured in China. Whilst we would love to have supported a UK factory, we found we could have our products made ethically for less, which ultimately meant we could pass onto you the customers those savings.

But MOST importantly safety testing meet the exact same standards. One thing that was extremely important to us was ensuring our chosen factory met our strong ethics surrounding human rights and quality standards.

We have a firm quality control agreement in place with the factory and it does not only meet our standards but often exceeds them.

It is easy, just click here and complete the form. Make sure you are logged into your account.

Membership Questions

We are super proud of our membership. It offers a real value on so many levels. There is no doubt the VIC offers more and we would recommend it highly! 

Sensooli VIC Membership: This is really where the savings can stack up! You pay just £14.95 a month and every month on the start date of your membership 10 credits get added to your account and free first class postage. You can choose to spend these credits in the store on any product of the same credit value, or you can save the credits and let them pile up. Perfect if you want to save for a higher-priced product or gift. You get free first-class shipping too as a VIC. Plus the real bonus is if you then choose to bulk buy credits you get an additional 15% off the price. This essentially means you get 15% off anything you buy!

That’s not to be sniffed at! On top of that, you get all the benefits of content and community access. Plus it’s risk-free and can be canceled at any time!

Interested in the VIC membership? Visit the exclusive members website here.

You can choose to purchase from our store using either credits or cash (card and PayPal payments). You will notice all our products have a ‘credit value’ and a ‘cash value. For example, our Berries necklaces are priced at £16.95 or 10 credits. You can save a lot by being a VIC, lets use the Berries as an example:


 Cash PricePostageTotal Saving 
No credits 16.95 Free Second Class (UK) £16.95 No saving 
VIC member using 10 monthly credits10 credits at £14.95 free shipping 1st class (UK) £14.95 £2.00 + faster shipping
VIC member who bulk bought credits and saved 15%10 credits at £12.70 Free shipping 1st class (UK) /  Priority Shipping (USA)£12.70  £7.10 & faster Shipping 


As you can see using credits saves a good amount of money! 

Here is another example of a weighted blanket at  £74.75:

If you were a VIC it would cost you 50 credits, if you just saved your credits for 5 months to buy this it would have cost you £74.75 (14.95 x5) and you would get free shipping. However, if you chose to bulk buy 50 credits at a 15% discount and you used those 50 credits it would have cost you just £63.54 including shipping! It is a total no-brainer!

General Questions

Like a lot of retailers (from Apple to Primark) we source our products from countries overseas and as such we do not own the companies or factories that make our products.

However, we do have a strong sense of responsibility to the workers in those factories, our directors and of course our customers.

We have a strict code of conduct which has been agreed between us and the factory. We have an agreement which is based on the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) base code and so is compliant with the ILO (International Labour Organisation). This covers things like safe and hygienic working conditions, a living wage, fair treatment, no child labour, working hours, discrimination etc.

On top of that, we have a very strict quality control agreement with the factory ensuring our high standards are met.

Both of the above can give you total peace of mind you are buying a good quality product from an ethical organisation, who ensures we keep tight control over quality and ethics at all times.

We do our best to be as Green as can be. All the plastics in our packaging are made of recycled plastics. In January 2022 we moved to paperless ordering, meaning we no longer print and send dispatch notes, all our mailers and packaging are also recyled materials, recylceable or able to be composted.

Even in our offices we try to be paperless when we can and use cloud-based systems. Our products are also produced in a factory which is environmentally and socially responsible.

Professionals Questions

This works exactly like our VIC membership and is extremely popular with individuals who buy products for their patients, schools, and organizations.

You benefit from the same credit system and discount as mentioned above, plus content designed especially for professionals.

It takes some of the red tape away for schools. It means they can raise a purchase order and bulk buy credits (with the saving) raise one purchase order and choose to pay on invoice. Then the credits are in the account for any user to spend when needed for their pupils and have it sent within a few days rather than waiting weeks for purchase orders and cheques.

Absolutely, please just email it to hello@sensooli.com

We sure do, we don’t do any off-the-shelf packages, but if you want us to come and train any staff or indeed pupils, drop us an email with your requirements and one of our team will be in touch to see what we can put together for you. We have team members who have SPD or autism themselves as well as those who have direct experience, all with something to offers, from training in understanding, awareness, diversity, the 8 senses, and providing practical tools and support to help. Drop us an email at hello@sensooli.com and if we can help, we will! And if we cannot help, I bet we are connected to someone who can!

Selling your product on our site

We offer on our site products that are outstanding and match the same quality you would expect from our own Chewigem range. We are constantly adding to this and welcome new applications, but be warned! We are fussy! Just drop us an email at hello@sensooli.com

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.