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Sensooli Account Types – Which one do I need?

Account Types we offer

We have three types of accounts on offer and all are free to create.

  1. Individual – Perfect if you plan to just use this account for yourself only.
  2. Parent/Carer – Suited to those who have one or more people in their care who would like to use the account for
  3. 3. Professional – Designed for professionals who require multiple sub-accounts for those they help.
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This account is really aimed at those who will only be shopping for themselves and are interested in all the content we have to offer. It is free to sign up and you can use our Discover your unique Profile’ tool to help you understand yourself better.

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This enables you to hold an account and create sub-accounts within it. This means you can create an account for each of your children, allowing them to discover their own sensory profile and it is recorded against their sub-account. It also means you can buy credits to spend in the store and share them amongst the children for them to take ownership and have a choice over the products they may wish, while you remain in control of the budget.

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This is similar to the parent/carer account, allowing you to have a master account and then sub-accounts within it. Perhaps you are a teacher and the finance administrator has the main account, and you as a teacher have a sub-account, allowing you to purchase products from the credit balance given to you without all the red tape of approvals and purchase orders. Or maybe your an OT and you want to use our profile tool on some of your patients, this account allows you to add multiple sub-account users for exactly this purpose. We are also developing content exclusively for professionals that this account type will give you access to.

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