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Vic Membership

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Do You Buy Sensory Products Routinely?

Try A VIC Membership!

With 10 store credits per month, you can spend them on a product or save it up and use them to buy one of our bigger items, or spend them on your favourite chew each month.

As a member, you get FREE FIRST CLASS SHIPPING on each order. And your order is hand wrapped in our eco-friendly special Sensooli tissue paper.

Plus all these other benefits:

  • You get to join our private Facebook support group, it’s user-friendly and so useful, people have referred to it as ‘finally finding their tribe’.
  • Lots of relevant content, tips, hacks, and interviews
  • PLUS you can buy additional store credits in bundles and get 15% off

Remember, you can cancel or downgrade whenever you want to!

We are green!
All our packaging is made from recycled materials to do our bit to help the planet and in 2022 we plan to take this further by moving to paperless ordering.

Free Sensory Support Chat
We care – we offer anyone the opportunity to book a 1:1 personal sensory support chat with one of our neurodivergent team

Join the community
Things are better when you’re not alone. Join the friendliest most supportive SPD community group on the planet – share your experience, and get support from others



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Customer reviews

  1. Gibbys ghetto

    Best company ever. I swear by Chewigem and have used their items for over 10 years.

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