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Tom Tags – Feelings Notebook Plus Share How I feel Tag


Tom Tags – Feelings Notebook Plus Share How I feel Tag



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A handy A5-size notebook that can be used to keep a record or diary of feelings, anxieties, worries, or behaviour.

This set includes a ‘Share how I feel’ TomTag

Key features

  • A useful tool for communication between a child and adult or for sharing information between different settings, such as home and school
  • Keep a record of events to identify patterns and causes (stressors or triggers) of feelings and behaviours
  • Symbol stickers make using the notebook more fun and interactive
  • Includes ideas for building and using self-help strategies
  • Build resilience with a reflection on challenges and what went well
  • An ideal complimentary support with TomTag Manage my feelings kit and/or Share how I feel tags.

Our customers say

“As to the emotions diary, Jack is finding this very helpful. He’s just turned 9 and has been struggling with pre-pubescent moods for a while on top of his Dyspraxia mood swings. The diary has been helpful for looking back at difficult days and reflecting on what we did to deal with things.

I’m encouraging him to use it regularly and was pleased the other day when he put in his first – super happy entry as it was his birthday. I’ve told him the diary is for him but so far he has been happy to share his entries with me so we can sit and talk about them – which has been really good for us as a family.”

Notebook contents:

  • Notes on how to use your feelings notebook
  • 2 sheets of feelings face stickers (Orkid Ideas symbols)
  • 3 sheets of self-help ideas stickers (Widgit symbols)
  • 100 diary pages
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