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Tom Tags – Christmas Survival Toolkit


Tom Tags – Christmas Survival Toolkit



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TomTag is a flexible visual support and communication tool that can be used to create personalised visual timetables, schedules, prompts and checklists helping children with daily routines or situations they find difficult by providing them with structure, predictability and reassurance– at home, at school and when out and about.

With the Christmas Survival Toolkit, you can create personalised visual timelines and prompts to help your child prepare for Christmas and other celebrations.

This versatile kit helps reduce a child’s anxiety about what to expect and helps them to understand and manage these sensory, emotional and busy times of the year.

Everything’s ready to go with TomTag’s colourful, sturdy tags, click-in buttons and symbol stickers. All you need to do is personalise it – just pick, stick, click and off you go. Most children love stickers so let them join in the fun! Helping set them up will encourage them to use it too!

Key benefits

  • Creating a visual routine and countdown to Christmas eases your child’s worries about the unknown and makes for a more enjoyable experience for all the family
  • Showing your child where Christmas fits into their regular routine at home and at school, helps prepare and reassure them in advance about changes to their normal routine
  • Making a visual guide of all things Christmassy is a great way to show your child what Christmas looks like and is a permanent reminder in case they forget
  • Preparing for visitors and visits to family and friends by showing your child who they will be meeting and how to behave reduces their social anxiety
  • Giving your child a nonverbal way to show you how they are feeling helps reduce their distress which can often lead to meltdowns
  • Helping your child manage any sensory overload with personalised reminders of what they can do to make themselves feel better reduces meltdowns
  • Portable, discrete and durable compared with paper and board alternatives -perfect for carrying with you when you’re out and about to reassure your child as needed

Toolkit contents

  • 7 Button Holders 
  • 50 blank buttons to give you the flexibility to create routines, checklists, and reminders
  • 1 attachment loop to fasten your TomTag to a bag, belt, or hook
  • 1 lanyard to wear your TomTag so it’s easily to hand
  • Easy to follow instructions sheet to assemble your TomTag
  • Copies of the following download guides:
    • Christmas Survival Guide
    • Understanding Feelings
  • 1 Share How I Feel Minikit to help your child share and discuss their feelings, worries, and emotions(colour varies) 
  • Sticker packs:
    • 1 Christmas & Birthdays Sticker Pack: Contains 72 symbol stickers (x 2 copies) for you to choose from to plan and prepare for Christmas and birthday celebrations and changes to routine
    • 1 Feelings & Emotions Sticker Pack: Contains 72 symbol stickers (x 2 copies) for you to choose from to help with expressing, communicating and coping with feelings, thoughts and emotions.
    • 1 Blank Sticker pack : Contains 24 blank stickers for you to make a personalised countdown to Christmas.
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WARNING: Please note – TomTag is not a toy. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

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