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Rebel Sensory Hairbrush


Rebel Sensory Hairbrush



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The Rebel Sensory Hairbrush from the makers of Tangle Angel, we bring you their darker side the REBEL!

WINNER of Best Detangling Brush in the Marie Claire Hair Awards 2021.

This Rebel’s edgy design isn’t all that rocks. A real all-rounder, it’s brilliant for styling and detangling.

Blade-shaped bristles flex in opposing directions to detangle. Its grip-and-go design puts the power to groom firmly in the palm of your hand.

Wet, dry, static, or tangle-prone – whatever your hair is like, reach for the Rebel sensory hairbrush any time for all of your everyday brushing.

So if you struggle with the sensation of hair brushing or you care for someone that runs screaming from the brush every day, then this is worth a try and has solved many a hairbrush battle, as has its sister brush the Tangle Angel.

It is really common for tactile avoiders to find harsh bristles too much to handle, leading to stressful situations for all involved.

A secret use for these gentle bristled brushes is to use them as a stim aid in their own right, they have a pleasurable sensation as you run your hands over the bristles and the sound is also enjoyable.

A perfect palm-sized companion for smooth brushing with an attitude that can withstand the heat of hair drying.

Join the REBELution with the Rebel Sensory Hairbrush.

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