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4 Pack of Bubble Boards


4 Pack of Bubble Boards



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The Bubble Board Sensory Fidget Toy was inspired by bubble wrap, to give you that ever-lasting, renewable bubble wrap popping sensory sensation.

The bubbles are mounted on a hard rigid plastic frame, which allows the board to keep its shape making it easier to pop. Many people know this as a ‘Pop it’.

The Bubble Board Sensory Fidget Toy is available in 2 bright colours either in rainbow stripes with a different colour per row, or each bubble having a mix of colours.

It’s addictive…

The specially formulated food-grade silicone compound is the magic that makes the bubbles pop and feel amazing, while the frame helps you pop them without them flopping.

  • Soft feel silicone bubbles
  • Plastic tray mounted
  • Bright funky fun colours
  • Portable

Whether you use the Bubble Board Sensory Fidget Toy as a stress aid on your desk, a netflix and stim aid, or just to take slip into your bag and take with you on the bus, this is a sensory seekers must-have accessory of the year.

And if you are not a fan of the Pop it toy then search our other fidgets.

Cord TypeNo cord attached

You can wash these using any of the below options:

  • Hot soapy water
  • Top rack of a dishwasher

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