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Vibes Vs Ear Defenders

Vibes Vs Ear Defenders

Vibes Vs Ear Defenders

Vibes Vs Ear Defenders. So you need to choose between in-ear earplugs or over the head ear defenders?

Let’s Get Started!

What do you want your ear products to do? If you want them to block out or muffle the sound then you probably want to be looking at getting some ear defenders like the Baby Panda. If you want to reduce the volume of loud environments but still hear what’s going on around you then it’s the Vibes. It could be that you want to do all of these things and if that’s the case you might want both ear defenders and Vibes! Different environments can cause different sensory experiences so for some you might want to hear at a lower volume but for others you might want to block everything out.


These are hi-fidelity reusable earplugs perfect for those of us who are sensitive to sound. They reduce the volume of loud environments to a more comfortable level but still allow you to hear everything around you clearly. Vibes’ have a clear design which makes them virtually invisible and so discreet. You also get 3 different sizes of soft ear tips that you can change around to fit your ears and they come in a pocket sized carry case!

Ear Defenders

These are hard cups with soft cushion seals that fit over your ears. The seals have foam in them which reduces the level of noise. They are connected by a headband, which keeps a firm fit against your ears. There are many different brands of ear defenders in loads of different colours. Sometimes it can take a while to find the right fit. Baby panda ear defenders are designed for 0-3 years old but I wear them and i’m 41! These are the softest most comfortable ones I have been able to find.

Neither the Vibes or Ear Defenders will completely block out noise. There are no in-ear or over-head products other than really good noise cancelling headphones.

Vibes Vs Ear Defenders

ProductVibesEar Defenders
Product TypeAccessoryAccessory
Blocks Out Noise CompletelyNoNo
Reduces Noise LevelsYesYes
In EarYesNo
Over HeadNoYes

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