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Vestibular System & Balance – It’s All in Your Head!

Vestibular System & Balance

When we think of balance we think of the whole body, but in actual fact balance comes from our ears. It’s driven from a part of the ear called the vestibule hence the name ‘vestibular’. It can actually be head movements that affect how we balance, and can determine if the vestibular system is messing up the signals, and if it is over or under sensitive then it can lead to some challenges. Many think that the vestibular sense is only about balance, but it can also affect posture, eye movements, and muscle tone.

Being over-sensitive could look like this:

  • Avoids certain movements such as playing on swings and slides
  • Seems scared of fair rides, not a thrill seeker
  • Can become travel sick or dizzy
  • Avoids exercise, may be described as lazy if not understood.
  • Can be clumsy and bump into things

Being under-sensitive to vestibular input could look like this:

  • Needs constant movement – often accused of never sitting still
  • Rocks back and forward, flaps hands and arms
  • Loves thrill-seeking activities, fast speed, roller coasters

Fidgets, balance boards and wobble cushions are all great tools for those who are on the go and enjoy vestibular input, whilst also improving vestibular processing for those who are less keen.

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