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Free Silver Bonnie Bangle

On the bonnie, bonnie wrists of sen seekers!

Get our classic and versatile Bonnie bangle in silver worth £16.95 for FREE when you spend over £30 online with Sensooli on sensory essentials. PLUS UK shipping is FREE… always!

The Bonnie bangle makes a great chew and also a fidget, it is easy to squish, squeeze and twist and springs back into shape with a bounce.

The Bonnie Bangle is designed to withstand the tough chomping from strong jaws while still offering a satisfying bounceback.

The shape is classic and with its polished finish, it really does blend in and serves as a discreet chewing and fidgeting aid whether going to a party or in the office.

It’s safe but strong…

The specially formulated food-grade silicone compound is the magic that makes the Bonnie Bangle tough but safe.  Silicone science has allowed us to create this incredibly compacted Sensory Chew without adding any harmful substances. Its design is such that it is hard to make purchase and damage (although not impossible, everything wears or breaks eventually).

Check out the product lifespan tables to see how the Bonnie Bangle is holding up against other sensory chews.

  • Glossy and smooth finish
  • Dense and robust
  • Range of funky or discreet colours and patterns
  • Firm & Flippable

Work, school, or socialising it can blend it due to its classic shape or due to the range in colours it can stand out too.

*Silver Bonnie Bangle will be added automatically at checkout on all qualifying orders.

FREE silver Bonnie Bangle when you spend over £30.

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Free silver Bonnie Bangle, when you spend £30 in store today.

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Perfect discreet Fidget

Loved by chompers

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Chewigem Original

“So satisfying, I love flipping it over on itself, it is really discreet too????????????”

-- Verified Customer

Ergonomically Designed

With Sensory Processing In Mind.

For over ten years Chewigem has produced world-leading designs that make no compromise between form and function.

Hundreds of thousands of happy Sensory Seekers around the globe are discovering that life-changing results are possible with the right mix of education, product function, and well-thought-through design.

Chewigem Originals

Living with SPD makes us uniquely us!  We recognize this is not always easy.  Our goal here at Sensooli is to support your sensory journey, include you in the conversation, and bring about a positive change of perception.  Spread the word that change is coming and being different is exceptional.

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