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The Trick To Getting Your Child’s School To Allow Sensory Supports!

Getting your child’s School to allow sensory support aids can be a real challenge and the pandemic has not helped. As we are all aware, children are going back to school after the COVID19 lockdown. Children will need a lot of help adjusting to this “new normality” with all of its changes and differences to the school they once knew. The fact is that this will be even more true for kids who struggle with change or transitions. One thing that can help these kids are anxiety aids in the form of Chewigems – safe, chewable, stimmable stress supports that are easy to clean and store. Lots of kids need sensory aids, but with the justified fear of COVID and spreading germs, schools are just saying NO!

The trick to getting your child’s school to allow sensory supports

As mentioned above, children with additional needs and sensory issues are going to need extra help, supports, and aids from school to get used to the changes and the anxiety that comes with that. These children require reasonable adjustments to enable them to access and get the most out of their education. It is unfair to put these kids at an extra disadvantage in their schooling for something they have no control over. 

We understand that some sensory aids are a complete no-go but…

Chewigem is the answer

Chewigem is the perfect sensory aid for schools during this time. They are discreet, safe, and easy to clean. Made from non-toxic silicone, they are BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex, and Phthalate free. All Chewigems can be washed and sterilized quickly and easily (literally in a matter of minutes), and what’s even better they come in their own pouch so they can be kept clean on the child’s desk, ready for use!

But there are so many which is right for school?

This is the hardest question for most parents, as I’m sure you can already hear the school saying “all kids will want one, what if someone takes it? What if they lose it? what if it’s distracting?” We have an answer to all of those questions!

All the kids will want one!

Initially, this is true, but in our many years of creating sensory aids for children, we have found that if the Chewigem is explained to the class in the right way. Most kids tend to accept that someone will need a Chewigem while other children don’t.

They will be a distraction!

The trick to getting around this worry is to make sure that you approach your child’s school or teacher with a set of rules that you and the school will give your child. 

For example, “The Chewigem must be kept in your desk, pocket or under your shirt unless you are using it.” or “If you throw your Chewigem, it will be taken away.”

This reassures the school that you have already thought of some of the issues that may arise and are willing to work with them to find a middle ground so that they can also adapt to your child’s need. It’s a two-way street!

What if they lose it!

If this is one of your concerns, then Chewigem is the essential SPD support that your child needs. We stock both bangles and pendants that are perfect for your child to keep with them. If your child isn’t a fan of wearing things on their person, then you can buy a chewipal and attach the Chewigem to belt loops, buttonholes, or bags!

How do we keep Chewigem safe and clean?

Every Chewigem comes in its own pouch that is great for keeping in their desk or with the teacher ready to use. If more than one child needs a Chewigem, then you can always write your child’s name on the pouch! Plus dont forget they are very easily washed. Read more here. 


As you can see, Chewigem is the perfect aid for your child when they go back to school. Research shows that 91% of people say that using Chewigem products really helps them concentrate, and a whopping 93% of people say that Chewigems help them feel calmer!

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What’s better is that if you message our Facebook or email us, we can help you choose the perfect product for your sensory seeker or child with additional needs. You can even join our support group, which focuses on all things sensory-related!

We’d love to hear how you get on with getting your childs School to allow sensory support aids, if you find anything works we have not thought about, then do let us know and we can add to this blog to help others.

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