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The 4 Best Noise Cancelling Products That Will Change Your Life

The best noise-cancelling products, from ear Defenders, Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs & Headphones can all be used to reduce noise levels. They can be extremely helpful for people who are sensitive to noise and have sensory processing difficulties.Even the best noise-cancelling headphones do not completely block out noise but they can help to reduce it.

Carry on reading for the 4 noise cancelling products that will change your life!

Reducing Noise

When it comes to reducing noise Ear Defenders, Ear Muffs, Ear Plugs & Headphones are all great products. They are all portable meaning you can take them with you anywhere and they range in price making them available to most people.

Noise-reducing products can be really helpful to enable people with noise sensitivity to access places and events that they would normally struggle to access. They could help a child who is struggling in a noisy classroom or someone who struggles with going to the supermarket. They really can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Which Product Is Best For Me?

There is a selection of noise-reducing products on the market. Finding the best product for you can sometimes be a bit of trial and error. You may find that a mixture of these products works best for you in different situations and environments. Some people will prefer the tightness of ear defenders whilst some may prefer in-ear headphones. Some products are also more discreet than others. Most people these days wear either over the head headphones or in-ear headphones. There are also earplugs like the Vibes which are very discreet and almost impossible to see but reduce noise levels very well. You can even use earplugs as well as ear defenders to reduce the noise even further.

These products range in price so you will need to find something that suits your budget. And remember what I said in the introduction even the best most expensive noise-cancelling products do not completely block out noise.

What Is The Best Way To Use Noise Reducing Products

When you first start to use noise-reducing products you may wear them a few times to get used to them and to feel comfortable.

The best way to use noise-reducing products is to use as and when needed. If you use them all of the time you can build up a tolerance and they start to become ineffective.

So if you know there are certain times or places that you struggle with noise this would be the best times to use your ear defenders or earplugs. 

It is helpful to keep them in the same place and keep them with you whenever possible. You never know when you will experience an unexpected noise such as a fire alarm or a car alarm and having them readily available can be very helpful.

Supporting Someone Else With Noise Cancelling Products

If you are a parent or a carer of someone who uses noise-cancelling products then everything I have wrote in this blog applies to you. It is also important to make sure that the person you are supporting is comfortable with the type of noise-cancelling product they are using. You may also have to monitor when they are using their products and ensure they don’t wear them when they are not needed or to encourage use when you feel they may be needed.

The 4 Noise-Cancelling Products That Will Change Your Life

I like to use a selection of products for different situations and environments. When I’m out and about I like to use un ear headphones.

My favourite is the JBL Bluetooth headphones

best noise-cancelling products

They have just released a pod version of these which I will be saving up for!!

I also have an over the head pair of JBL Wireless Headphones which I like to use when travelling as I find them more comfortable.

When I am in an environment that I still need to be able to hear and converse with people I like to use Vibes Ear Plugs.

They are super discreet and they reduce the noise levels while still allowing me to hear what is going on around me.

We also have Baby Panda Ear Defenders –

best noise-cancelling products

Which are great for those people who want a more conventional type of ear defender!


Noise-reducing products can be really helpful for those who are hypersensitive to noise. It is really important to find a product that suits you best and sometimes that could be a mix of more than one thing. If you aren’t already a member of the Chewigem Sensory Support Group that would be a great place to ask questions and find out what others have used successfully.

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