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Chewigem Raindrop Vs Button

Raindrop Vs Button

Chewigem Raindrop Vs Button Pendant. If you’ve been looking for a firm chew you may be overwhelmed with the choices out there. This can make it hard to choose the right one but don’t panic because we’ve compared the Raindrop and the Button Pendants, 2 of Chewigem’s firmest products to try and help you with that decision.

Let’s take a look!

Chewigem Raindrop Vs Button Pendant

Raindrop Vs Button Pendant

The Raindrop & Button are both pendants that come on a silky cord with a breakaway clasp for safety. They are both smooth textured products with a gloss finish. Both of these products are wearable, chewable and can also be used as a fidget. Whilst both pendants are firm the Button is firmer and more durable than the Raindrop. The Raindrop is more flexible than the Button thereby giving you more bounce back. The Button is one of the thickest products from Chewigem where the Raindrop is more of a mid level thickness. If you are looking for something discreet the Raindrop is one that blends in and looks like a stylish piece of costume jewellery. Whilst the Button isn’t as discreet as the Raindrop it is still up there as a discreet product depending on your colour choice.

Chewigem Raindrop Vs Button Pendant

Product TypePendantPendant
Durability Level34
Flexibility Level31
Firmness Level34
Thickness Level35
Discreetness Level54
Cord TypeSilkySilky
Breakaway ClaspYesYes
Lifespan (based on aggressive chewers)3 weeks4 weeks
Durability, flexibility, firmness, thickness & discreetness levels 1-5 (5 being the most)

We recommend having a chat with us to see which product would suit your chewing style the best. If you are an aggressive and strong chewer it may seem like firm and durable would be the obvious choice for you. However, you may actually need some flexibility to meet your sensory needs, which means you are more likely to bite through a firmer product quickly.

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