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Fidget Bum- Compression Sheet


Fidget Bum- Compression Sheet



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Sleep-deprived Vestibular Seekers Delight at this innovative product.

Fidgetbum is a super cozy sleep aid for sensory children and adults. Recommended by Occupational Therapists, the zippable compression sheet soothes, relaxes, and reassures during the night. The soft and stretchy Fidgetbum has been likened to a warm hug in bed – and has even allowed some parents to reduce or eliminate the need for medication at bedtime.

Sleep is as important as diet and exercise for our overall well-being. Quality sleep helps with every aspect of their development, both physical and mental. Unfortunately, many with sensory processing difficulties suffer from poor sleep. The repercussions are serious, as tired children and adults are irritable the following day, and they do not behave or learn at their optimal level. Constant tiredness makes it even harder to deal with sensory challenges. The Fidgetbum can help. It is a luxurious material that goes under the mattress, wraps over the top of the duvet, and zips up. Keeping you nice and snug under the covers – helping you to relax and feel reassured and secure throughout the night. As part of the bedtime routine, it has been shown to reduce anxiety and help sensory children and their families, to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Gentle compression

The Fidgetbum stretches four ways and keeps its shape brilliantly. This makes sure that there is always an even pressure on, no matter how much you wriggle around in bed. Throughout the night, the gentle feedback reassures and has a great calming effect.

Reduce or eliminate the need for medication

As a result of using Fidgetbum, many parents have been able to reduce or totally eliminate the need for medication at bedtime. If the child partially wakes when moving around throughout the night, the constant, gentle compression can prevent them from fully awakening. Parents have seen a marked difference in the general wellbeing of their children; following a natural, unmedicated, night’s sleep.

Routine to help build a feeling of security

When Fidgetbum is used as part of the bedtime routine, the child gets used to it and looks forward to being zipped up. Not only do they love the gentle pressure, but the soft, luxurious material comforts the child as well. When it comes to holidays or staying at grandparents, the Fidgetbum folds up neatly and can be packed easily. At the destination, once the Fidgetbum is fitted, the child can enjoy their familiar routine – making every bed, their bed.

Available in 4 different sizes:

1M long Toddler Fidgetbum Size: 160cm wide x 100cm

1.5m Long Fidgetbums

Single Bed (Long) Fidgetbum  Size : 213cm x 150cm  – £59.80

Double Bed  Fidgetbum Size : 313cm x 150cm £72.50

King Size Bed Fidgetbum  Size : 334cm x 150cm – £74.99

Cord TypeNo cord attached

The fidgetbum is 95% cotton and 5% Spandex and can be easily machine washed and tumble dried.

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