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How to make your chewellery last longer

If you want to know how to make your chewellery last then here are our tips to increase the lifespan of your Chewigem. Most people think if a product is breaking, then the next step is to try something tougher, but in fact that can often not be the right way to go. With over a decade of experience, we know how to spot chewing styles and match products. That experience has also taught us a lot about some practical tips to extend the life of your product.

But why do they break?

The truth is, nothing, and I mean nothing is indestructible!

Metal rusts, corrodes and wears, stone and concrete too.. so put a Chewigem under enough frequent pressure, of course in time it will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. How fast that happens is dependent on a variety of factors, some of which you can control and influence.  You will notice that all Chewigem products have a lifespan range on them. This is a good guide, but the bottom line is every chewer is unique and lifespans will vary. So let’s work out exactly how to make your chewellery last!

It is not about the strength, it is about meeting the need.

If someone seeks out chewing on their T-shirt but selects a hard, firm chew to try,  they may well not take to it. Or perhaps they need more texture to meet their needs. Our message is always not to give up if the first chew is not the right one.  We have a variety of textures, strengths, and finishes to cater to a wide range of chewers. 

The first thing to try and figure out is WHY someone is chewing, what sense or feedback are they seeking? This is essential to help make your Chewigem last. It may be that something that is super hard, is not giving the springy bounce back their sensory system is seeking, leading that person to chew harder to try and get that feedback, thus breaking the product, so actually, although it seems counterintuitive, a softer product with more bounce could work better. This in turn may cause the person to reduce the aggression in their chewing as they are getting what they need meaning the product will last longer. You may find it useful to check out our content on ‘why we chew’. We have lots of articles on this in the content hub.

The next thing to consider is the cost versus benefit equation. So we have already established nothing in this world lasts forever or is indestructible, and chews are no different. They WILL eventually suffer wear and tear and how fast this happens is highly dependent on the chewer: how aggressively they chew; how frequently; whether they ’chew’ or ‘tear’ with their front teeth or back teeth; even where they chew on the item, be it near the weakest or strongest points. Fast destruction could be a sign they are trying the wrong product, or they could be one of the rare few that have such a  robust chewing style that nothing will last that long! Perhaps the chewer destroys a  school jumper a week, but a chew lasts a month, and so our products become a  more financially viable option. 

A case Study – the boy who destroyed tough Chews!

This young man was destroying Chewigems like no tomorrow. Tougher chews were tried without success. When his mother contacted us we could see from the way he had been chewing he was clearly ‘going at it’ and that told us his need was not being met. We knew he probably needed something with a bit more bounce, to give him the feedback he needed and allow him to self-regulate.

The solution

A softer chew that had movement and bounce, and also the shape meant he was less able to do a full bite as can be seen in the picture of the destroyed Chew where you can see the power in which he was biting down.

At Sensooli we are always happy to discuss anyone’s chewing style and help people identify what may work. We are really good at it so do get in touch if you think we can help. We will work with you to make your Chewigem last longer.

Other Tips to extend the lifespan of your Chewigem’s

We know our products are amazing and so is our advice that is why we give the best guarantee

A word on risk

Another consideration is the risk – we have many customers who have in the past chewed on toxic or dangerous items. While these may last longer than a chew,  the risk is high and our customers having tried Chewigem products, have decided that the safety benefits justify the cost. 

Equally, if someone is unable to identify how they chew, no chewing products would be suitable as they would be unable to tell when something becomes a risk.

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