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Chewigem Crowns Vs Hexichews

Crowns Vs Hexichews

Chewigem Crowns Vs Hexichews. When you’re looking for a handheld Chewigem or something suitable for under 3’s how do you know which one to choose? Well, today we are comparing the Chewigem Crowns against the Chewigem Hexichews. Which do you think will be best for you?

Chewigem Crowns

The Chewigem Crowns were initially designed for little hands and little mouths but of course, everyone loves them! The Crowns are really fun and squishy so for older people, they can be used just like stress balls. Our Crowns are completely chewable but they also double up as the perfect stim and fidget toy. Perfect for little and big hands alike. Available in packs of 2 on our website you get an open and a closed crown. Both have a smooth matt finish and are available in fun and funky colours. They are soft, flexible, and squeezable so great for hand-strengthening exercises. They are suitable from birth and the open Crown is awesome for reaching your molars! You can also attach them to our amazing Chewipal Straps to avoid losing them.

Chewigem Hexichew

After lots of requests from customers for handheld chews, the Hexichew was born. The first ever Chewigem handheld chew and fidget and still a firm favourite. The requests came in for longer chews to reach molars, something that could help hand strength, a robust chew, people wanted more texture and something they could use at home.

Light Bulb Moment

Whilst swimming with her children one day Jenny was throwing a swimming toy that sunk to the bottom of the pool for her kids to dive for. As she held this in her hand she was struck by how comfortable it felt, this dive toy had arms and each one went between each of her fingers. It struck her how appealing this shape might be to our community. So she set about developing a product that was handheld and combined many of the other featured requests.


The Hexichew is suitable for 18 months and older. It fits perfectly in the palm of a larger hand with each spoke fitting nicely between your fingers for that awesome fidget experience. This is a great product for those who want different strengths and textures combined. The rings at the end of the spokes are super soft whilst the balls are super tough, they also interlink! Hexichews have a matt finish and each spoke has a different textural experience on it. The balls on the and the ends are rounded and smooth. Just like the Crowns, these are great for reaching back to your molars and for improving hand strength. They come in 4 different bright and eye-catching colours and are great for attaching to our Chewipal Straps.

Product TypeHandheldHandheld
Durability Level33
Flexibility Level42
Firmness Level23
Thickness Level24
Discreetness Level55
TextureSmoothSmooth & Textured
Cord TypeN/AN/A
Breakaway ClaspN/AN/A
Number In A Pack21
Lifespan (based on aggressive chewers)2 weeks3 weeks
Durability, flexibility, firmness, thickness & discreetness levels 1-5 (5 being the most)

Chewigem Crowns Vs Hexichews

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