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3 chews to cover your oral seeking needs

Every oral seeker is different. FACT! As unique as snowflakes, each seeks out sensory input to satisfy and self-regulate.
That is why it is NOT as simple as buying a chew you like the look of online and giving it a go! There is much more to think about.

Below we cover common things chewers need to think about BEFORE you buy and 3 products we would recommend to meet 3 common chewing styles. It will give you a good start, but it always pays to seek advice if you are new to seeking out chews, and we can offer you just, that with a free sensory support session. This can be online, via email or chat or even over the phone.

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It is NOT as simple as you think!

If you are in the market for trying a Chewigem, then we would strongly encourage you not to just choose something you like the look of. Now, looks for some will be important, it has to look good, fun, discreet, funky, whatever your personal preference is, but if you buy on looks alone, you may end up disappointed.

You must consider, size, shape, texture, where you need/ want it to reach in your mouth. You would be disappointed if you bought something lovely and hated how it felt, or it did not reach your molars, or it broke too easily, or any other numerous reasons that can cause people to give up on chewies. Which is sad, because the right chew can be a godsend for so many and help self regulation.

So before you buy, please, please think about what you tend to be chewing now, does what your looking at seem to match the list of features your looking for?

It can be really hard to know your own chewing style and thats why at Sensooli we offer everyone 2 things.

  1. If you break it- we replace it guarantee – you can read more about that here
  2. A chat before you buy if you wish – to help you select the best chew for you.

“There is no other company on the market that offers the promise & the service we do”

— Jenny – CEO

3 common chewing styles

So the most common challenges chewers have or styles are as follows:

The aggressive chewer – Comes to us distraught because they break everything they try and they are about to give up on the whole thing.

The texture seeker – usually hates the feeling of smooth , glossy plastic, chews things that have some texture or ridges.

The chewer with jaw ache – needs to chew, usually quite frequently, but complains of a sore jaw

The aggressive chewer

Don’t assume because you break something you need to to seek out something tougher, stronger, harder. It may actually that be the WORST thing to do… sometimes harder, makes you chew harder, because the product is not meeting the needs of your oral and proprioceptive senses… your not getting a bounce back or stimulation, so it makes you chew harder to try and get that input. So often going for something a little softer , may sound counter intuitive, but actually works a treat. It may mean you chew less aggressively, feel satisfied AND the Chewigem lasts longer! Bonus!

The Chubes are still pretty robust, super versatile but provide a nice bounce.

The Texture Seeker

Many chewers enjoy variety in their chew, a bit of interest or texture. Quite often fabric chewers need texture. There is no point investing in a smooth, silky, glossy chew if you are predetermined to seek out ridges and bumps to run your tongue across. We offer a range of textured chews, but a firm favourite is the Geotag. It is matt and has some smooth sections but the front has a textured tetris block effect that  delights those seeking texture.

The chewer with jaw ache

A common side effect of chewing can be an aching jaw… if you chew constantly and then keep chewing because the chew you are using is not satisfying you, it is like a vicious circle. If you have this problem then a softer chew might be the right choice for you and combine it with mindful chewing to reduce the strain on your jaw. A brilliant product for this is the twister bangle, discreet, soft and springy.

None of those quite right? Book a support chat with us!

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