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This Bangle Has Secret Non-Verbal Communication Powers…

This could change everything for those of us challenged with Verbal Communication?

Need help telling people when you are getting overwhelmed? Do you need a visual behavioural aid for your child? 

Here are 4 Remarkable Reasons You Need To Try The Emotichew…


Sometimes if you are stressed, anxious or concerned, verbal communication can be difficult. If unaware, people might not understand what is going on and might be quick to judge. The Emotichew can help with that!

This bangle is a dual coloured flip bangle that allows for non-verbal communication. The red side saying “let me be”, and the green side saying “talk to me.” This will enable you to show co-workers how you’re feeling without you having to verbalise it!

It’s also perfect if you have a talkative co-worker so that they leave you alone!

Find out what Jamie thinks about it here:

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This product is 100% chewable and can be discreetly chewed if held in your hands. This makes it perfect for those people who require oral stims at any time. It’s completely safe to chew and is ideal for those mild-moderate chewers!

Find out what Jayden thinks here:


Everyone needs a time out sometimes, whether it’s to reflect on behaviour or to calm down! However, some children can struggle with the time-out concept if they don’t have something they can see.

The Emotichew is a fantastic visual aid for showing your child when they are in time-out (Red) and when they can come out (Green). It will stop those time-out battles and make quiet time easier!

Find out why AspieLife finds it helpful:



If you are a fidgeter, then you really need to try the Emotichew. The corners have a high bounce back and really allow for subtle stimming that is quite discreet. The flipping quality also allows for fun fidgeting as well as spinning the bangle around your fingers!

Check out what Casper loves it here:

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