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The Top 10 Spooktacular Family Friendly Halloween Films!

If you are looking for films this Halloween, look no further. Here are the Top 10 Halloween Films, that are spooktacular and family-friendly!

It’s the most beautiful time of the year (especially if you’re a little goth at heart like I am). That’s right; it’s Halloween!

This Halloween is probably going to look a little different for most people, so if you’re staying in with your kids instead of going trick or treating, you might want to watch some movies and while there are plenty of Halloween films for adults, it can be hard to find films that work for the whole family to watch, even more so if you’ve got an age range in the house.

Luckily I’ve put together my Top 10 Halloween Films

1. Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

What It’s About
Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, is totally done with Halloween. He stumbles into Christmas Town and falls in love with Christmas. Jack decides to make this Christmas the best one yet, even if it means kidnapping Santa.

Why You Should Watch It
What can I say about this film? It’s fun and spooky, which is excellent for older kids while having plenty of classic sing-along songs which are perfect for the younger members of the family. The fact that Jack is unsatisfied and wants a different life is something most people can relate to, which is what makes the emotional parts of this film work for everyone. This film is Tim Burton at his best, it’s a classic for a reason and is one of my all-time favourite films.

2. Ghostbusters (1984)

What It’s About
If there’s something strange in your neighborhood. Who are you gonna call?

A group of university scientists explore paranormal events in their hometown of New York City. They decide to form the Ghostbusters company to fight the evil ghosts lurking around the city.

Why You Should Watch It

Ghostbusters will bring all the treats without the tricks this Halloween. It’s hilarious, playful, and crazy, and that’s why it appeals to everyone. At its core, this is a movie about friendship and sticking together in the face of hardship. And that’s an excellent message for all ages.

Put some fun into Halloween with this piece of genius cinema! It is a classic and so deserves a spot in the top 10 Halloween films

3. The Witches (1990)

What It’s About
While staying at a hotel in England with this grandmother, Luke stumbles upon a convention of witches. The Grand High Witch finds Luke and turns him into a mouse. But Luke has to stop the witches at all costs, even in his new form!

Why You Should Watch It
Based on the fantastic Roald Dahl book, this movie work really well with kids because the witches can be tricky to spot. In disguise, throughout the film, your kids will love trying to spot them once they figure out that the witches have gleaming purple eyes. It also carries an important message that there are unseen dangers and evils that innocent eyes cannot see.

This film is campy and fun which younger kids will love while being just scary enough for older children and teens to be entertained!

One thing to be aware of, the scene where Luke gets turned into a rat can be disturbing for younger viewers.

4. Paranorman (2012)

What It’s About
Norman doesn’t fit in with the other kids in town. Everyone thinks he’s a bit weird, but Norman isn’t your average 11-year-old. Norman can talk to the dead, and he ends up becoming the only person who can save the town when 17th-century zombies come out to play!

Why You Should Watch It
This film is so severely underrated, and it makes me sad that not enough people have seen it. It’s a superbly entertaining, creepy and funny film with fantastic twists and turns. What’s even better it has plenty of great messages within it, for example, it’s okay for kids to be weird and like horror films. It also teaches compassion and tolerance for the strange and unusual.

5. Halloweentown (1998)

What It’s About
Marnie loves all things spooky, especially Halloween, but she’s stuck in a house that doesn’t celebrate Halloween. But little does she know that she’s actually a witch with magical powers. After hearing a conversation between her mum and grandmother, Marine sneaks onto the bus to Halloweentown to see if it’s real.

Why You Should Watch It
What a campy 90’s classic this film is.  A Disney Original, this move has all of the production value of the straight to video fare that Disney was popular for during that time. This movie is perfect for the whole family, the practical effects will keep younger kids entertained. At the same time, older children and teens will be able to relate to Marnie trying to figure out who she is, and the adults will love the terrible jokes.

At its core, this film is about family and being true to who you are, all wrapped in an entertaining Disney bow.

6. The Book Of Life (2014)

What It’s About
To save the love of his life, Manolo sacrifices himself and is transported to the Land of the Remembered. There he reunites with his dead ancestors and strives to get his life back.

Why You Should Watch It
I love Coco, I really love Coco, but this film is better. This film is full of gorgeous visuals and is an excellent representation of Mexican history and culture, especially The Day of the Dead.

The Book of Life is at its core a story about sacrifice and love. If you liked Coco, then you will LOVE this film!

7. Casper (1995)

What It’s About
Instead of inheriting her father’s fortune, Carrigan gets only his broken-down mansion. Soon she figures out that to live in the house (and to get the hidden fortune) she needs to boot the ghosts that call it home.

Carrigan hires Dr Harvey, an experienced afterlife therapist who moves into the mansions, and his daughter Kat meets Casper (the friendly ghost). They all work together to help the spirits cross over to the other side!

Why You Should Watch It
This movie has got kind of a bad reputation over the years. I’m not sure why maybe I’m watching it through rose-tinted glasses?

I remember loving this film as a child, the magic of it all. Casper was cute, I related to him feeling like the odd one out, and the simple Scooby-Doo type plot kept me entertained for hours on end.

Your kids will love it, apparently, if you’ve never seen it before, you might not. But then again, you might – cause I do.

8. Coraline (2009)

What It’s About
When Coraline moves into her new house (which is really really old), it’s incredibly dull. Her mum and dad are always really busy, and she’s left bored as a result. But then she finds a hidden door that leads to an alternate universe where everything seems perfect, but nothing truly is.

Why You Should Watch It
This film is an understated, excellent and dark classic. Its stunning visuals will have your children captivated. And the familiar idea of going through a door into a different world will be familiar enough to get them engaged.

Its message is that even though the grass might seem greener on the other side of the door, it probably isn’t. You should try to be happy with what you’ve got (especially family).

One thing to be aware of, the scene where the other mum get’s angry is a bit of a jump scare, which might effect younger viewers.

9. Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

What It’s About
Flower shop assistant Seymour is in love with his co-worker Audrey, the only problem is, he can’t tell her. During a total eclipse, he discovers an unusual plant that feeds on flesh and blood.

After Seymoure feeds Audrey’s boyfriend to the plant after his accidental death, he must come up with more bodies for the increasingly bloodthirsty plant.

Why You Should Watch It
A wild and witty musical, and great fun – this movie is a must-watch!

This movie is like the kid’s equivalent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This movie is ridiculous and hilarious in a way only an 80’s film can be! (The music is pretty great too) and that is why it is on the list of top 10 halloween Films

10. Hotel Transylvania (2012)

What It’s About
Where do monsters go when they want to go on holiday?

They go to Count Dracula’s Hotel Transylvania. An exquisite resort where they can be themselves without humans bothering them. To celebrate his daughter Mavis’ 118th birthday, Dracula invites all his favourite creatures to a massive party. But trouble starts to brew when a human crashes the party and falls in love with Mavis.

Why You Should Watch It

When I watched this with the kids, I babysit recently (we managed all of the sequels too) I didn’t expect to enjoy it quite as much as I did.

The characters are likeable and adorable and the film deserves to be in the top 10 Halloween films. While this isn’t the most fantastic thing in the world – it is consistently entertaining and very, very silly.


I hope that you have a fun-filled Halloween with these great movies that I’ve recommended. If you watch any, why not head over to the Sensory Support Group and tell us which one was your favourite or if I’ve left any of your favourites out.

Happy Halloween!

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