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The Secret To Helping Your SPD Teen Fit In!

One of the most important things for teenagers is to feel like they fit in. But when you struggle with chewing, fidgeting and SPD this can be really hard to do. This is because they feel isolated from their peers due to having a condition that they don’t… well Chewigem has the solution!
We have designed the coolest chewing and fidget Toll that is specially made for teenagers so it’s not childish!



This bangle is perfect for those people who want an SPD aid that brings out their personality! Available in four different colours over two different sizes, there will be one to fit your style and impress your friends!


As with all of our products here at Chewigem, the Flip Bangle is 100% chewable. It has a matt finish and is fantastic for milder chewers! Great for those people who need to chew discreetly but also want to make a statement with their chew aids!


This product is fantastic for fidgeting as you can flip it inside out over and over for the perfect repetitive stim! Even better is that the sides of the bangle have an immense bounce back perfect for stimming, fidgeting and chewing!


We know that one of the hardest parts of being a teenager is wanting to fit in. Using stim or chew aids can be very hard for teenagers because it might make them stand out… well, the Flip Bangle is perfect since it’s just as trendy as any other bangle that any other teenager might wear – therefore removing that doubt from their mind and making them more comfortable wearing stim aids!

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