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The Secret To Getting People With Intellectual Disabilities Into Employment

Intellectual Disabilities and Employment can be a huge fear for parents of children with SPD or with autism.

This is an issue that Anthony At Your Service has been able to solve! They employ people with disabilities to make deliveries around their hometown. It is completely customisable to the employee and they can choose what they take and what they don’t!

They also discuss what employers need to learn about getting people with intellectual disabilities into employment…

Are you ready to find out the secret too – Listen Now:




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The Sensory Matters Podcast came about from a desire to showcase ‘real’ people’s stories and experiences of sensory difficulties in a neurotypical world. More than that though, it was important to host a range of voices to mirror the diversity of this community and not to focus on the downsides but to draw attention to the possibilities, opportunities, and those who have found strategies and success, enabling them to live the life they desire. By sharing these stories we hope to do two things; raise awareness and in turn acceptance and through that change the world we live in to be more encompassing of the rich tapestry and vast differences seen across all people and to stop viewing the world through only that individuals eyes, but to open peoples minds to other ways of thinking. 

We have a core team of presenters and hosts who are either on the spectrum, have sensory difficulties or are connected to people who are. We also invite experts and top speakers to tackle key topics. 

If you have a topic or story you think we should cover then do get in touch, we are not scared to tackle any subject matter, we feel strongly to drive progress discussion must be had.

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