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The Most Discreet SPD Tool Ever That’s Perfect For School

Does your child struggle with SPD at school? Using sensory tools in school (or anywhere) can often make you stand out for the wrong reasons…

Here are 3 Reasons Why This Pencil Case Could Be The Answer… 

1. Discreet!

Our pencil case looks like any other. But it hides some incredible secrets that only you and your child (and whoever they tell) will know!

Designed to stand out by looking like a remarkable pencil case, it will get comments for all the right reasons!

Here’s what Jamie thinks about the pencil case:

2. 100% Chewable!

The pencil case’s products are 100% Chewable. Designed to look like ordinary stationery, you get an eraser, protractor, calculator and a ruler. These products are discreet enough that your child can chew on them and not get noticed since kids chew on rulers and pencils all the time!

Here’s what Jayden thinks:

3. Doubles Up As A Fidget!

The textured bumps on the front of the pencil case allow for fantastic stimming and fidgeting. You can push them in and pop them back out or just run your fingers up and down the case to help calm you down!

You can also bend the ruler and use it to help you flap!

Find out what Mumala Club has to say about the pencil case:



If your child struggles with SPD but doesn’t want to use SPD supports because they are scared they will stand out then the Chewigem pencil case is perfect for you…

If you have any questions about our discreet SPD tool, the chewigem pencil case, click here
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