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Teenage Girls With Autism – Lorraine’s Tips And Tricks (Sensory Matters #1)

Lorraine – Her Story

In the first episode of the series Sensory Matters, we talk to “The Face of Chewigem” Lorraine Scott Young. We get to find out about her journey being a mother of an autistic girl.

This journey spans fourteen years (coincidently the life of her daughter Jamie). This episode chronicles in detail what it means to have a teenage girl with Autism, looking at sensory issues, life at school, coping mechanisms and much much more. You also get to hear all about the ups, downs, ins and outs of what it’s like to have a girl with Autism; as well as some amusing anecdotes along the way.

We also get an insight into what it means to be an Autism mum and all the challenges and rewards that encompass this role. Find out from Lorraine about how to balance a work and home life when caring for an atypical person, from working in the army to being the brand manager for Chewigem, as well as advice from someone who has lived and is still living through it.

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