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Stimming – What It Is And Why Do We Do It


Stimming is short for self-stimulatory behaviour it is a way of self-regulating and soothing our sensory systems.

Some common stims include:

  • Hand Flapping
  • Excessive/Hard Blinking
  • Pacing
  • Head Banging
  • Repeating Noises/Words
  • Snapping Fingers
  • Spinning Objects 
  • Chewing

Chewing is Oral Stimulatory Behaviour. Finding something safe to chew is very important!

If you aren’t sure why we chew then you can find out more from our Why We Chew Video below.


Now that you understand Why We Chew, here’s how to create a safer Chewing Habit in 30 Days!


Find out more on this link:

Embracing Chewing Can Have a Positive Impact

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