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Special Facility Housing Revolution! (Sensory Matters #53)

This week on the Podcast, Jenny is talking to Denise who runs First Place, a special facility housing complex to help autistic people have independent successful lives.

Denise tells us all about how she was told that her son should be institutionalised in a special facility housing institution. but when she went to look at the places she didn’t feel they were right for her son.

Soon after this, she started developing First Place, a special facility housing complex. It allows them to live independent and successful lives. It considers itself a new type of special housing. Alongside the housing complex, First Place runs a Life Skills Academy that teaches its students how to lead independent lives over 2 years.

The Global Leadership Institute is an offshoot of First Place that looks at attaining housing to expand to other communities. It has volunteers who are students at First Place and help out. They have a Symposium in April and if you would like to know more please email info@firstplace.az.org

To find out more about First Place go to firstplaceaz.org

Listen To The Podcast Below:


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