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Sound Seekers and Avoiders – 3 Products you may not have considered

3 fantastic products that have sound seekers and avoiders covered.

Pop it with the bubble board

Whilst you might immediately consider this product more aimed at the tactile seeker or visual seeker due to the bright colours and stimmability of the bubbles, don’t forget these fantastic products also make a heavenly ‘pop’ sound that sound seekers love.

Vibes – Block out background noise, but stay in the conversation!

These are a firm favourite with sound avoiders who often find the background noise just too much to handle, vibes allow them to discreetly turn the volume down on all of that, while still being able to hear and engage with the people around them. Allowing them to join in and not get overwhelmed.

I-Spy Bags – not just about the eyes!

It goes without saying that these gorgeous hand-made I-Spy bags, will naturally appeal to visual seekers who will enjoy the challenge of finding the hidden items within the rice. But did you know the rice itself makes a really calming noise? Some sound seekers need and enjoy a gentle noise, as their input is not volume and these are wonderful for just that

Think outside the box

So many products designed for one purpose actually can help regulate and stimulate senses it was never designed for, such as the bubble boards and I Spy bags. Challenge yourself when shopping and use your imagination to discover what other ways you can use a product for the sound seekers and avoiders in your life.

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