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Social Stories With Dani The App Lady (Sensory Matters #28)

This week on the Sensory Matters Podcast Jenny is chatting to Dani from Send App, which makes social stories.

Dani has a son who is autistic and found that she has been really well supported during diagnosis and afterward.

One of the things Dani used with her son was social stories. These worked really well but having 2 files (one for school and one for home) carrying this big heavy files weren’t practical. There had to be an easier way!

Having searched the internet for apps anything she did find was very expensive and so she decided to design an app herself and pitched it to the team she works with. They thought it was fantastic and let her run with it.

Listen to the podcast to find out more about the about the app and how you can personalize your own social stories and have them available at the touch of a button.

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