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Should Autism Parents Listen to Autistic People’s Experiences More? (SM #57)

Should Autism parents listen to Autistic people’s experiences more, since they have been through it first hand?

This week we have Kelly on the Podcast. Kelly used to work as a speech therapist. She found that when she told people she was Autistic, they tended not to want to listen to her advice.

We also find out how she didn’t realise that she was Autistic until her son was born. She then recognised traits from her childhood in him. When she was diagnosed she says she felt a sense of fulfilment and acceptance.

Kelly says that she finds the lack of adult support hard. She argues that even if adults live independently they might still need help with aspects of life such as money management or executive functioning.

Kelly sits on the Autism Canada Board and is the founder of Completely Inclusive. Completely Inclusive is a company that works to remove barriers and facilitate full acceptance and participation of diverse people in society by making sure companies employ them for meaningful, fulfilling jobs.

Kelly is also an author and her work has been featured in an anthology called “All The Weight Of Our Dreams“. You can find it here

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